Management Systems

/Management Systems


We have a documented safety management plan which was completed on the 28/07/2011 with the help of Winning Safety (an external safety audit company), and is in operation in the day to day running of the business. This plan maps and documents the policies, procedures and standards that both drive and control the safety culture of Gas Field Services.


Gas Field Services purchased two complete pitless drilling systems in 2011. The 200GPM GN Solids pitless drilling systems enable us to drill or flush wells without the necessity of having to dig sumps. This minimises our environmental footprint and is the preferred method under strict EPA guidelines that are now being enforced.

We also use companies that are accredited with Environment Management Systems to ISO 14001:2004 for the Disposal of our waste products e.g. oil, general waste, recyclable metals and sewage.

Quality Management System

Gas Field Services appreciates the sensitive nature of providing a drilling service and our quality approach with the completion of our Quality Assurance Standards.

Risk Management

GFS has a risk based approach to all projects from risk assessing on a project scale utilising a large cross section of the workforce, all the way through to task based risk assessments by workers on a site level (Job Safety Analysis, GFS Chill Cards). All GFS work procedures have been developed from risk assessments. GFS has its own risk matrix to ensure a uniform guideline when performing risk assessments on all levels.


Gas Field Services is adequately insured with the following cover. Copies of any insurance certification can be provided on request.

  • Liability Insurance
  • Goods in Care, custody & control Insurance
  • Work Cover
  • Mobile Plant & Equipment
  • Business Insurance

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