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LF 160 Drill Rig & Freedom Loader

GFS have recently purchased 4 new drilling rigs which are the only two in Australia and are completely hands free.

4C Wireline Drilling

Gas Field Services is leading the way in innovation and safety with the implementation of 4C Wireline Drilling Technique on our hands-free drilling rigs.


Our current fleet of 8 drilling rigs are capable of drilling various styles and holes sizes from 99mmm to 600mm to depth at over 1000 metres, using rotary, diamond and auger drilling practices and can be coupled with a Pittless Drilling systems when required.

GFS runs 4 well servicing rigs to perform well workovers and new well installations to depths 1000 plus metres. The workover fleet are involved not only in maintaining a high standard of service to the gas fields but also in gas drainage for underground mine development.

Our custom built Borehole Grouting unit GFS-15 operates on a 2010 Mercedes Benz Actros 3244. This unit has been operating consistently since it was built in 2011 without fail. This machine is the product of 12 months of R&D work to design and implement a productive and easy to manage system that eliminated the hazards associated with silica dust and manual handling of 20 kg bags.

This design was implemented and has proven to be robust, easy to clean, highly productive and all still packaged on the single HR footprint. This machine has repeatedly passed noise and dust sampling tests with no issues.

With this Grouting unit as part of our full turnkey package, this puts Gas Field Services in a great advantage over its competitors with savings to the client on waiting on a 3rd party contractor on standby for a grouting unit to arrive.

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Rig 02 2011 Desco SP7000 Track mounted Multipurpose Drill Rig

0 – 1250 RPM Rotation head, 30t  Pull back, Mast stays for angle drilling, Small operational footprint

Rig 09  2011 Desco SP7000 Multipurpose Drill Rig – Truck mounted

0 – 1250 RPM Rotation head, 30t  Pull back, Mast stays for angle drilling

Rig 10 2012 Desco SP7000 Track mounted Multipurpose Drill Rig

0 – 1250 RPM Rotation head, 30t  Pull back, Mast stays for angle drilling, Small operational footprint

Rig 03 2011 SEMCO S30,000 Workover Rig

Telescopic mast, Mast capacity 60t-4L down position @ 1.8m mast lay back, 15t Pull Main winch (Single line), 2 speed winch

Rig 04  Mole Pioneer 400S Drill Rig

7t Pull back, 250m HQ, 300m Chip hole

Rig 05 2008 Wellmaster 20T Workover Rig

20t Pull Main winch (Single line), On-board flushing pump

Rig 06 2004 UDR 1000-90 Track mounted Multipurpose Drill Rig

20t pull back. 1000m HQ, KL Rod loader

Rig 12 Ingersoll Rand TR75E Drill Rig – Truck mounted

31t pull back, Down hole hammer and coring capabilities

Rig 14 Hydco 1200H Drill Rig – Truck mounted

21.5t Pull back, 15t Main winch, KL Rod loader

Rig 15 Custom Built Grouting Unit – Truck mounted

Onboard grout mixing unit, built in water storage, dust suppressing systems

Rig 16 Water Bore /Earth stakes Rig – Landcruiser mounted

Compact, portable drill unit, Onboard compressor, Down hole hammer capabilities

Rig 513 Soilmec A208 Auger Rig – Truck Mounted

1200mm diameter capability up to 40m depth

Rig 514 Soilmec R312/200 Auger Rig – Track Mounted

1500mm diameter capability up to 48m depth

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Gas Field Services has a fleet of 8 drilling rigs, 4 well servicing rigs for workovers and new well installations, 1 mobile custom built Borehole Grouting Unit and a fleet of vehicles including prime movers, 4 x water trucks and backhoes to meet a variety of transport requirements.


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